TheWrongDoer_Editor : Compulsive Liar Kenzie Douglas . I don’t usually do things like this but this girl has terrorized too many people for her to not be on here. This is kenzie douglas. If you ask the younger adults of saskatoon about her you’ll probably hear, she owes me money, she stole from me, she harrassed me and my boyfriend, etc. Not only does this girl use literally ANYONE she can to have a place to live, have money, buy her things, she will. It’s quite sad because she gets paid from the government every month but uses it to buy drugs, clothes or makeup. Don’t get me started on the fact that she used to lie about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. You could ask her what she had for breakfast and it would be a lie, it’s gotten to the point where she even believes her lies and thinks it okay to lie to everyone in her life. Most of her family doesn’t give a rats a55 about her or giving her a place to say because she just causes problems. This girl has stolen from me as well as plenty of other people i know. She truly has no regard for anyone but herself. This girl needs help especially since for the past year she’s been hanging out with a 13 year old at 19 years old. Kenzie also repeatedly harrassed her exs from years ago as she was still obsessed with them and lonely. This consisted of her hacking their accounts, making up rumours, and genuinely just being a weird human being. There have been multiple times that she used others for weed or alcohol. She has also had multiple miscarriages and abortions and is definitely ran thru by at least one person you’ll know. i only write this to warn others about this girl and to not let her into your life. she is not someone you want to be around especially if you want a peaceful life.