Courtney Chercoe NeEn The XOx City Gaffiti Sticker H0e. This low life scum is Courtney Chercoe. But on social medias like, Instagram and Facebook, etc. More people know her by either NeEn mEaN Er/n__e__e__n/n.e.e.n er/neen/xox___neen or all the {XOX’S} everywhere! because she made {XoX} up waaaaay before anyone and even claims all X’s or O’s some how? NeEn is nothing but a huge greasy dumb sad attention seeking h0e, that loves to always victimize herself 24/7, she loves to start drama and threaten people she will fight them. But after she will call the police on you instantly and play victim the whole time. She’s so nasty she will even try to get after you’re bf and flirt with them a bunch behind you’re back, she even likes to bang baby daddy’s. She even try’s to act and sound like a bad hard a$$ graffiti b1tch by putting up {xOx} or {NeEn}, when she ain’t nothing but only a city sticker ho3 in Winnipeg. NeEn saids she’s a empath, when really she isn’t even a empath what so ever but another narcissistic chick, fr she will dis others with mental health, even when she fuked herself in the head. She is! Racist! towards most aboriginals! Even other races of colour and will put up a fake front saying she supports, when really she uses aboriginals or races as a shield to get away with her poor behaviour towards others. She will and has to copy you. What you say, what you look like, you’re hair, clothing, shoes or what you do, since she thinks she’s all original and thought about it everything first! shes a true credit taker and the biggest poser out there. NeEn will discriminate you first if she’s never liked you, by msging you first! She’ll make up a bunch of delusional stuff she made up about you. She has and will go as far even as to messing with screenshots and cutting out screenshots, just to make herself look like she does nothing wrong to anyone. She will do anything to make everyone feel bad for her and will use her mental conditions, like depression, anxiety, ptsd etc, or even the fact shes DYING because she has {Cirrhosis}, but then she literally still chooses to drink alcohol from time to time? When she’s supposed to be dying because of liver damage? fr! all this is because she uses her so called mental conditions, and her fake a$$ support of other races, to manipulate anyone to get what she wants and for others to side with her annoying a$$. She tears friends and family’s apart, even turns them against each other because she gets overly jealous, or doesnt like you and even gets her media friends to cyber bully others. She’s always the one to overly get jealous of others and gets jealous of other peoples life. She’s fake, a big hypocrite, and has to make everything about her! she’s never 100% honest or {real}, based off all the bullsh1t that comes out of that big sh1ty smelly, cigarette, front gap tooth’s mouth of hers! NeEn You’re only a fool and making yourself the true goof here in Winnipeg, you’re not and you aren’t no empath, when you got a fuked up gut and everything you assume, you’re just crazy in that head of yours, and it’s just full of made up story’s of people you hate, just by only being and acting fake! since that’s all you’re good at, you ain’t and don’t know how to be 100% no matter what you post. Go do more reflecting on yourself because you’re nothing but just another scum of the earth and you speak nothing but bullsh1t, it’s embarrassing and just trashy 100%. Go back to stonewall where you belong you dumb ho3 XoXo OxOx xoxooxoxoxoxoxo All should and must beware and don’t be fooled though with this one fake chick, it’s best not to support her scummy art, when it’s all copycat art.