Craig A Johnson. Craig Allen Johnson 45 years old Scottsdale AZ

(ALL you’re about to read is the HONEST TO G*D THRUTH.I SWEAR.)

I dated Craig Allen Johnson 45 yrs old from Scottsdale AZ for about a year-He’s is a manipulator, Verbally and physically abusive. He was constantly accusing me of lying and speaking to other men when it was him who was being a SNAKE behind my back. He’s a LIAR and a Cheater. He was talking with women and receiving Nude pictures from a chick he met on FACEBOOK. I also found out he was on soliciting s*x from a 25 yr old paying her $400.00 for allowance once a week. He has a high job tile with a private charter aviation company in Scottsdale AZ -He’s well respected and loved-but by many because he’s charming. But these people have NO IDEA what he’s really like behind closed doors. A selfish controlling, abusive ,anxiety sufferer wicked human being.