Craig Allen Johnson 45 Years Old Scottsdale AZ. I dated Craig Allen Johnson 45 yrs old from Scottsdale AZ for about a year-He’s is a manipulator, Verbally and physically abusive, and had the gift that keeps on giving. He would constantly accuse me of lying and speaking to other men when it was him who was being a SNAKE behind my back. He’s a LIAR and a Cheater. He was talking with women and receiving Nude pictures from a chick he met on FACEBOOK. I also found out he was on soliciting s*x from a 25 yr old paying her $400.00 for allowance once a week. He has a high job title with a private charter aviation company Set Jet whom the co-founder is a convicted felon in Scottsdale AZ -He’s well respected and loved by many because he’s charming. But these people have NO IDEA what he’s really like behind closed doors. A selfish controlling, abusive, lying, cheating, careless wicked human being.