Crazy Catfish Stalker Psychopath Amey Swift. Hi guys!! My names Amey Swift and I think the whole world is obsessed with me and stalking me when really its the other way around. I follow men to bars and restaurants they tend to and cause scenes just to make me look like a victim and tell everybody that will listen. I also create multiple fake accounts over every platform of social media just to keep tabs on men and see where there going and follow them to harass them. I have restraining orders on over 7 different men caused by lying to the court system however it has recently backfired on me by people fighting back towards my false allegations and taking me to court and now I am flagged by the law for committing perjury. If you ever receive a restraining order from me please go to the courts and ask for the application and right away you will see lies that can easily proven right away. I claim fake witnesses I have never even met, say every man is filming me through windows of my work (I guess cuz nobody has anything better to do then watch a 30 something server make minimum wage lol), say everybody makes fake profiles to contact me, claim the person calls them nonstop and runs human sex trafficking businesses!! I am far beyond mentally ill and belong in Selkirk mental hospital. Some of the men I got orders on haven’t even seen me in multiple years and have families and children now. So I can’t stress enough if you get a restraining order served from the courts from me then please fight it and hire a lawyer. And don’t worry I can’t afford a lawyer anyways. The lawyer I had even badmouthed me cuz I couldn’t pay and said I’m a wingnut whack job. Anyways please support me and look for me on leoslist. I go by the name layla. I gotta run tho I have more fake profiles to create to spy on men that don’t care about me.