Crisie Luebbers — Way Old Enough To Know Better. This sad excuse of a women has cheated with my bf and won’t stop. I know it’s on me at this point to get rid of him and I am going to. She is H.R. at a factory we both worked at together. Since the first day she would not leave him alone. I got fired (surprisingly ) not to long after she started. He would sit with her at lunch. I have heard her multiple times on our phone calls..and I even seen with my own two eyes…he no longer works there but it’s still going. She is married and she is well aware that we have been together for over a year. She knows that my child is involved who absolutely adores him and would break his heart to not have him around. But a sloot is a sloot and she won’t stop. He hasn’t been employed there now for at least 4 months but it still continues. She is in her early to mid 40’s so she knows better. I believe this b1tch has even been to my house. I found a cigarette butt outside today that isn’t mine nor his..hidden. .to many signs have had enough. Sloots r sloots and will always be.