Crystal Cameron — Evil Bigot Woman. This woman here is a true piece of work . She spews racist garbage and is the absolute definition of an entitled “Karen” . You will find her threatening to call the cops on everyone, when she herself is unhinged and needs to be put away . Her latest tantrum was at her place of work in a barbershop , where everyone witnessed her punch a girl in the face , rip her hair out and then drag her outside after asking her if she knew how to speak English . She has had her facebook account suspended multiple times due to racist and offensive posts . She also sped over 70 km in the same parking lot of the barbershop she works at and almost hit someone’s child. When she was confronted about it she said, “Its not my problem their stupid kids were in the street.” Who does that ?! Absolute psycho . If you see her out anywhere in Edmonton I suggest you stay clear , better yet, run the other way .