CVNTankorous Carol Egerdee The Serial Socionarcisist Parent Alienating. Parent of the year award goes to none other than mrs Carol pires aka Egerdee , who is a socio pathic cheating hypocritical father alienating scvm bag bvlly . This c0ck juggling thunder cvnt gets off on playing master puppeteer with her youngest daughter and destroying her father playing god who thinks t She has the right ti take his and their daughters visitation with no court order and uses his past entirely against him while dating men who have extensive psst and currently pending charges and allows them around their daughter, most of which are equal if not far worse charges .yet still pigeonholds him and penalizes him .carol once even told him that his first kids mother should be charged for doing the very thing she has done since day one. To give u an idea of how things started his daughter was 4 days old when he found out from a girl he went to highschool with who doesnt even know carol ,that hus kid was born and when he left her a voice mail saying thsnk you for telling him about her birth finally brought her at 7 days old to meet him . This woman has extreme control issues and only sees fit for him to see and have a relationship with their daughter when hes convenient enough to apologize and sucker him back in her door to get a good fuk or ful fill any other needsshe just so happens to coincidentally have .she also has not envited jim to no more than one easter and the first.xmas in 4 Years nor ever took their kid to his deceased mothers once in four years …..but wait she went to his mothers once to get their kids b day and xmas gifts and guess who she didnt bring with her ? To top it off she knew his mother was sick from cancer the whole time which is digusting ! Everyone has a past his os what made him a good dad as he knows how to teach his daughter to stay away from the path of life he walked and give her morals teach her to respect others and herself and to be a good peron and. Live her life to the fullest not teach by lying and alienating and treating ppl like sh1t cause ur a degenerate punk , who reads to her instead of ploping her down to watch tv or plays and tags along her side to protect her at the park not sot on his pjone only looking up to see if shes not hurt or kidnappd ,. This this probably all stems from her childhood and her mother running away leaving her and her brothers and sisters to to move to BC for another man and and creating a major resentment towards her mother that to this day has never let go of. Out of three kids only one of three fathers only one has stuck around to be completely let on lied to cheated on and bullied by her playing chess with the life of their daughter and him on the line as her own personal entertainment, has yet to be given the opportunity and right to have a hassle-free relationship with his daughter whom loves him and is very aware of who he is yet her mother alienates and more than likely creams in her pants getting off on the fact that it causes him misery knowing well and good the damage that it has done more than likely to their daughter anyways this was part 1 part 2 to come hope you had a good read when you see the sociopathic cont make sure you call her a real deadbeat because the real deadbeat is the one that keeps a child from a loving parent