D Myke Pathological Liar And Wannabe Gangster. Lied about race saying he’s middle eastern and Spanish. He’s black and white. He says he made money from selling dope but he actually is a gay male floozy. He thinks he’s the next drake. He married some Spanish girl for $20k supposedly. Said he had a drug problem and went to rehab. Said he grew up in a terrible environment and his whole family is poor. His dad would beat him. Said he takes care of his entire family Said “nyc needs him” for weed (keep in mind nyc had plenty of weed before him and no one I know even knows who he is) Spends money on a publicist to get articles out there to get his Instagram verified and paid money for that too Spends money for other rappers to be in songs with him Spends money for shitty music videos Invests in trying to be a rapper but never succeeded Sells sh1tty weed and stole the idea from Private Jet Said that he stopped a guy from stabbing him and his friend got stabbed and called the cops and now his friend is mad at him Said the whole city of New York stopped and there was flyers being passed out with his name on it and a whole bunch of sh1t saying he will die at 35 Said the police wanted him to be an undercover and he chose to continue selling drugs Buys girls cheap purses and offers them $1k because no girl would give him the time of day because he’s corny. His dog got stolen and he lied saying he hired personal private investigators. He just called 911 and cried nonstop and was afraid to approach the young little girl. He actually comes from a wealthy white washed family who made sure he got proper education and went to college till he was 30. Went to nyc to pursue a modeling career and now thinks he’s a gangster The biggest tool you’ll ever meet and Pathological liar.