Daddy Issues Carly Kotowicz. Former friend of carlys and it’s so sad to see how far off the deep end she has gone. First of all no one wants your man!! Lol he’s just another native given an opportunity and fuks it up from stealing from WPS and fired within a year! Now he sells cakes on Instagram!! We all know how they actually make their money. This girl has zero education but decided to watch a couple YouTube videos and now she’s a medical expert! U honestly can’t make this sh1t up! She has no problem pumping her face and lips with fillers but yet she brags about never taking her daughter to see a doctor. She changed once she starting dating tyler and now is desperately trying to be a tik tok star. She even goes as far to put #ad ok her posts when she’s not even sponsored from misguided. It’s so sad to see how this once innocent girl is so manipulated by some gross native that she ended up marrying. And just to clear things up, no one is jealous of u Carly. Maybe it’s time u guys pack up and move to Steinbach. At least U guys would be able to actually buy a home there!!