Dale Ewasiuk — Stealing- Lying- Cheating- Abusive- Con-Artist. Every word that the last girl posted is true –now he’s married to the gf he cheated on and uses his kid as bait. He takes your money and lies to his baby mama/wife- Tara Hodges-Ewasiuk who he is married to still…, He says there common law, but I did investigating and found out they are legally. He’s on Tinder and Pof. He had serious pepsi head problem… so who cares…and thinks no one is on to his game. These are professional con-artists. This guy stole my credit card at night while I was asleep. He also asked me to co-sign on a vehicle after 3 weeks of dating each other! Also this guy cannot hold a job and wanted a lease together with my name on it and it had to be 20min away from his baby moms. This guy was fired from superior roofing within two weeks, he lied on his resume saying he was a roofer lol. What a clown! He uses his kid as bait and loves to fake cry when things do not work in his favour as he done many times with me before. Dale likes playing broke and says he never has enough money to feed his kid and says he has to use the food bank so I would end up giving this pepsi head money. He’s an academy award winning crier. Stay away from this lair unless u want to support him and his kid. This guy wanted me to have a kid right away so he could be a stay at home Dad. He consistently yelled in rage to me whenever I didn’t let him use my vehicle. He does not own a vehicle as well.