Dana Beltz. This little fire crotch has a gift for creating drama and pain in other peoples lives and relationships for no other outcome than to see those people torn apart and their lives ruined. Getting satisfaction in knowing that their once happy lives are destroyed and turned upside down by her and her nasty lurch boyfriends hands. These 2 are such disgusting humans, they run around claiming dana was pushed from her bike by a man and his wife, and beaten then ran over by them as well. Runs to the cops, and then to the hospital claiming concussions and telling the whole tiny town of ponoka this man beat her senseless. It is untrue and could have gotten said man and his wife very hurt or arrested for something she made up. She fell because she couldnt see thru her greasy dumpster hair in her face, was on her phone as well as wearing heels so high she must gave just gotten off shift or was heading 2 one of her ditch pig d1ck sucking jobs. They phone the cops on everyone, yet every night they’re out stealing from the little friends they do still have, as well as from back yards, open cars, even dumpsters to find their flail treasures. GAG (GOOF ACTION GREG) And SCAB TRAP ( DANA BELTZ) have Dana’s other boyfriend ( yes she has 2) so head fuked that he doesnt have any self esteem or see what’s really going on right in front of his face trusting her blindly because shes spent years manipulating and lying to him messing the poor guys head up so badly. They both belong in the ponoka hospital to live out their twisted little lives somewhere they cant hurt anyone anymore.