Danielle Simon — The Family Wrecker Of Palm Beach? Danielle Simon is Palm beach finest home wrecker/gold digger. About a decade ago when her children were just hitting puberty she let a man enter the home, while her boyfriend and children’s father of 17 years was inside the home. How sneaky…. but not sneaky enough. Maintenance workers were on the premises when Danielle thought she could sneak Juliano lets just call him Mr. Lamborghini inside the families home. These two actually had the balls to have a love affair while the whole family was home? Well no wonder you got caught ? Juliano had a wife, keyword “had”. Once she was in light of the new affair she absolutely divorced him and is taking a nice cash out on properties. That divorce hindered the new couple from getting married. After Danielle was caught by her lover of almost two decades she decided to stay as the Girlfriend of Juliano “Mr.Lamborghini. So let’s not just ruin your own family let’s also include another family. Mr. Lamborghini has a daughter who is currently in school. Two families torn apart and Danielle states that her new boyfriend has surveillance cameras all over her home. The same home her children and their father once lived before she made the decision to cheat in front of the family. Why would anyone have a surveillance camera over someone’s bed? She is super impressed that he’s an engineer with a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. This guy seems a little weird huh? So I’m assuming the ex couple had to go through family court… my sources tell me Mr. Lamborghini was present at all court hearings and depositions. Yea let’s rub in the judges face that I had sex with your girl and now I’m here in family court fighting against you, the man who got played like a fiddle. Danielle is so twisted she would really bring the man that is cause of the family court to the family court. Poor dumb old lady. Now let’s see if she notices the mistresses of Mr. Lamborghini. He travel to Connecticut to see them and pays them a large allowance and shopping sprees and such.