Darren Currat Linkin. Darren.currat.AKA.Linkin [REDACTED]/ALLday EVERYday smoking TINman that lives in DOWNtown BROWNtown/wannabe drugdea|Er He sells his 20perday oxys to afford his daily down&K habit. He’s been doing k all his life that now at the age of 30 he has killed his liver, kidneys and bladder, so he has to pee sitting down and was already advised to have his bladder removed. His kidneys and liver no longer work either to the point his leg has swollen to x2 its size, it looks like one large purple/black bruise and has filled up with bad blood, he can’t even walk/stand for 5mins but still everyday needs Atleast 2grms of that “special” k only to start becoming paranoid n delusion thinking someone has tainted it so he throws it out to jus buy more from someone else n still same story LOL thinks very highly of himself because he can sell his oxys for his habits GUY HAS NEVER WORKED A REAL JOB IN HIS LIFE. HE LOVES GETTING MEN TO GIVE HIM BJ’S WHILE HE’S HIGH, SO FEEL FREE TO MAKE HIM UR B1TCH AND FEED HIM THE C0CK FOR ONCE [REDACTED].definitely deserves to be exposed I hope you see this darren don’t be too sad about it tho you’ll still have the KAY to paralyze Ur weak a55 and that tin ride to brwntown to smoke your sadness away.[REDACTED].