Darren J Robertson — Angel Or Demon? Here is 44 year old Calgary Alberta Canada AISH benefits recipient Darren Robertson. He is an ex music dabbler who once played with Sean Lennon from Cibo Matto back in 1999 at The old Starfish Room in Vancouver BC. Darren has lived on and off again with his parents most of his adult life as he suffers from Schizophrenia schoaleosis and is not suited to working most jobs. He is considered a white bread idle geek,. Wayward-ho stooge type of man child, that festers in his bedroom in a hypnogic state of consciousness day tripping into multiple personalities and other dimensions, masterbating to anal teen pornstar alpha homeo girls online with his puny five inch c0ck in hand….. Darren hears Demon and Daemon voices from time to time and apparently also a Phantom, or so he claims….. He doesn’t like conservative people but is a useless psychiatric specimen on a treadmill spinning his wheel like he spins his minds gears as he smells the flowers like Ferdinand the bull, feels sactified in his lawless understated statelessness as a prisoner of his own demise. On one hand a pioneer of psychonaut psychoactive brain activity, but completely defenseless against the harshness of the modern contemporary world that cannot postulate what it is to be like Darren, only that what he represents as a human being, not only is virtually worthless and makes people feel uncomfortable, but isn’t barely worth preserving or worth anything in terms of dollarly investment and here’s the funny part…..you and I both pay for him!? I couldn’t really answer you if you asked me if I liked Darren Robertson, but first I would ask you to figure out his true identity……. Angel or Demon?