Dave Brian Pearce / Dave Bryant / Billy Slakin Former Producer (And Subject Of The Dirty Posts) Connected To LA Deaths. Last weekend, two women, including model Christy Giles, were dumped at LA hospitals, one dead and one brain dead. They were attempting to leave an apartment when they stopped responding to texts. The last address they were at was allegedly the home of Dave Brian Pearce aka Dave Bryant aka Billy Slakin, which was confirmed by an address search. Dave has appeared on The Dirty multiple times and was accused of everything from theft to drugging and rape in the comments. He is a former film producer according to IMDb, but seems to have fallen from legitimacy and allegedly worked in porn. At some point he associated with Freddy Figs (follows/friends with on multiple social media profiles) and Ron Jeremy. He was accused of attacking designer Lloyd Klein in 2009 and later arrested for SWATting in 2018, which both made news. LAPD has not released his name, but have received tips from women who he abused since the recent tragedy. If anyone knows anything about the criminal activities of this man and what happened this weekend, please contact LAPD.