Dave Smith The Lying Man-Slore. This boy thinks he’s Gods gift to women… which I found out really fast he lies about everything. Little did I know how much he really lied. Not only is he so selfish, he has a small p3nis, that’s bent. (It’s weird). But he is lazy in ALL aspects. He still lives at his GMA’s. He doesn’t work. He will give you a sob story to make you feel bad. He will ‘borrow’ money but never ever pay you back. (He owes me about 80$). BUT if you reject his advances for s3x, he will go to his GF and ex-friends and tell them “she was making me her side piece, and I’m not down for that sh!t.” While it was him trying to make you HIS SIDE PIECE, and mad that you rejected him cause you were dating someone. Things he has lied about before: – having a job – being single – dating someone – being at the hospital – owning a house – having money – his peen size – his truck being worth a lot of money. (His truck is a piece of gross tin on wheels.)