Dean Ferrigan — Lying, Cheating, Alcoholic Scvmbag. This ugly f*ker has cheated on every woman he’s ever been with. When I became suspicious of Facebook posts on his page that I saw from other girl “friends” (probably FWB’s) that looked like things hookup girls would say, he lied to me and he also lied to other girls he was hooking up with, claiming we were all the only girl he was sleeping with. His big “flex” is that he’s in a motorcycle gang. He LITERALLY drinks whiskey ALL DAY LONG and even drives with an open bottle of whiskey in his car. He’s got a couple kids that he claims he’s been trying to get back from his cheating, druggie ex-wife, but the truth is that he’s a felon that has a lot of guns around his DAD’S house, whom he still lives with and that brings lots of different girls over to the house just to f*k, even though he’s supposedly in a relationship. There’s no way the state is going to let his kids live with him due to his lifestyle. He claims to love his kids, but he seems to have a lot of other priorities above his kids. He’ll probably never see this, but if he does, he should know he’s boring in bed and I thought about the boyfriend before him the entire time we were together because he’s ugly and boring in bed. This guy gets around, so someone who knows him MIGHT see this, but he gets what he deserves and I’ve been SO MUCH HAPPIER without him in my life!