Debbie Thomas- Proud Family Annihilator. This woman tore a family of 25 years apart… but she didn’t care! Her, and the now ex-husband, flaunt themselves in front of others to seek approval that what they did was perfectly okay; it clearly doesn’t matter how much mental damage they’ve caused the man’s family. Due to their actions, many lives have been negatively altered, and it all began when she came onto this married man, and persisted. She is now prancing around the earth with a woman’s former husband whom was dearly loved, along with the father of two traumatized young women. She is roaming free, proud of what she has done to these three women who’ve never done a thing to her. Ladies, and faithful gentleman, watch yourselves, or your husbands, if you or they go anywhere near Grovetown, GA. You’ll be glad I warned you!