DeeDee Marie Dallen & Michael Allen Frost. This immoral couple lives at 249 Reserve Place #323 in Kalispell, Montana.
DeeAnn “DeeDee” Marie Rader Finney Dallen works in the hospitality field and most recently as a manager of the Springhill Suites of Kalispell which is owned by Marriott Corporation. She uses her position in hotels to seduce married men traveling without their families. She pursued Michael for years even after he attempted to end the repulsive relationship.
Michael “Mike” Allen Frost gives USAF war veterans a bad name. He now works for BNSF traveling at BNSF’s expense to satisfy his serial philandering ways. After years of hiding his revolting behavior Michael abruptly abandoned his ill wife and family without any means of support, took their only vehicle, as well as blocked all contact with them to fulfill his perversions with this repugnant homewrecker.
These two predators deserve each other but take care and closely watch your loved ones around these despisable people.
Should you wish to voice your opinions directly to these abhorrent examples of human adults:

DeeDee may be reached using these methods.
Phone: (310)245-8059,
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Instagram: deedee.dallen
FaceBook: DeeDee Rader Finney Dallen or

Michael may be reached using these methods. Phone: (406)217-5036
Email: [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]
FaceBook: Michael Frost or
Of course both may also be reached at the physical address listed above.