TheWrongDoer_Editor : Denver’s Pepsi Head Slores Osean @Oseanjazmine & Raquel @Raquel_xxo. Theses girls have been h0es for long time in Denver. Osean was engaged to Raquel’s brother but Osean cheated on him, they bought a house together have a daughter and her a55 is in the streets. Poor guy, she’s cheated on him so many times and it’s sad that Raquel is still best friends with osean knowing she’s cheated on her brother. Osean sleeps with her friends baby daddy’s or boyfriends. She’s been in a few fights and got her ass beat because she was sneaky with her friends man. Raquel, this girl sleeps with drug dealers, Lance, amplio, etc, she’s had a train ran on her while drunk, pepsied out. honestly with anyone. her baby daddy, Devin(who has been caught sleeping with men), might have DRDs, and I heard she had gotten it from him. I’d be careful who you sleep with in Denver, from what I know everyone sleeps with everyone here, pretty disgusting. Crazy what surgeries, fillers and filters do, in person Raquel’s face has caked on foundation, acne galore, the lips on both are ridiculous. Never seen two bodies so un portion like them, both lost weigh from doing pepsi non stop. From these drug dealers. Osean cheated on her fiancé with a drug dealer and was with him for awhile, I’m sure they’re still fuking. The things they do for money and pepsi smh