Derek Harasymchuk — Committed To God Or Meth? Meet Derek Harasymchuk, who pretends to have his life all together and believes in the Lord. In reality he’s smoking meth in his own mothers suite that he rents from her. That’s right, Patricia, your golden boy is actually a hardcore meth junkie who can’t even make it an entire day without using. He’s so addicted that he even makes stops in public restrooms to smoke up meth. He keeps his stash in a zippered container which he carries in his secret back pocket of his hoodie. Never leaves home without it. If you hear him in your bathroom with the fan on, he’s most likely smoking his meth pipe in there, hence why it smells like chemicals in there when he’s done. His mother has no clue he’s so far gone, but just by being in his presence you realize that there is something not right about him. Beware ladies, he may seem like Mr. Right, but he’ll rob you and lie about it while you’re sleeping. Do not trust this lying junkie, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He changes women faster than he changes his underwear, so you may want to get checked, if you’ve had the displeasure of fuking this micro d1ck. Oh and he’s a slippery snake who avoids law enforcement with a radar detector installed in his car which looks like a GPS. That’s how he gets away with driving while tweaked out on drugs.