Desiray Casey — Why Would I Trust A H0e. So this chick was introduced to me through a friend of a friend. I later found out she’s actually in a relationship with a friend of my father but that’s a whole other story. This chick sat for two days making me feel bad because she had nowhere to go and no food to eat. I stayed with her for five days in a tent because she refused to walk her a55 to a shelter because all she wanted was to sit and bang needles. Eventually I convinced her to take a bed at a women’s shelter, I still felt horrible that she had no food or smokes so I got a friend to give her some money on my tab and had her promise that she wouldn’t use it for dope. I then caught her banging all the money into her arm with her boyfriend who apparently had put her in this whole situation by “beating her”. I know I shouldn’t trust girls especially lazy sleez bags who brag about doing nine point smashes into her jug but I guess I got taken for a fool ? one day she’ll get what she deserves (that being fuking drd hopefully if she doesn’t already have it) and maybe then she’ll know not to take people for granted.