Desiree Sanchez AKA Desi She Doesn’t Care If Men Are Taken/Committed. This is my boyfriends baby momma. Despite him leaving her, telling her he loved me and was in a relationship with me and her even knowing we were LIVING together she still constantly pursued him. She begged him to fuck her so she “didn’t have to fuk anyone else”. If we got into a fight she was quick to run to him and fuk him KNOWING he loved me and we would always work things out. She’s desperate and a pathetic excuse for a woman. She has no self respect and even told me HERSELF that she doesn’t care if he’s with me because she’s “so used to him cheating on her”. She allows her daughter to be around me and my boyfriend and then will go around all of his kids and call him “baby and papi”. His older children have told me how disturbing they find it that she has no respect knowing he has a girlfriend. It’s been 1.5 yrs and she STILL tries her hardest to get him to argue with me and get mad to the point he cuts me off but it will never happen because this man is my soulmate. This is just a warning to every woman out there that this disgusting woman has NO self respect and WILL pursue your man. Be ware ladies.