Dina Spyromilios — The Train Wreck. When this girl isn’t over editing her photos, she’s compulsively lying and treating her friends like sh1t. This girl convinced a guy to let her come visit him in BC and brought her girlfriend along. When she got there and the guy wasn’t interested after being catfished and having to endure her stench and CRINGEY behaviour, she raided the liquor cabinet got blackout drunk and passed out in his bed. He slept on the couch and was woken up to her screaming at him for rejecting her, threats, tears and that god awful breath until everyone threatened to call the cops. She then said she booked her ticket home and when she found out she couldn’t afford a cab, begged for a ride from the guy she just attacked for her flight in an hour…… at 4 in the morning. Her friend was thoroughly embarrassed and had to cancel her flight and book another ticket on the way to the airport, while chubby little Dina sat in the backseat hurling insults at them while begging for favours. And what did she do when she got home? Proceeded to do what she does best and lie, create fake profiles and messages, slander her friends name who she already embarrassed, all to try and save the only person who will ever love her: herself. She is, without a doubt, the most horrendously ugly human inside and out who has ever walked the street of Edmonton.