Dirty Layne Gurba – The Rod Daughter. This is the epitome of Alberta pipeliner trash right here fellas. Rode hard and put away wet by literally everyone in the patch and on the pipeline. Layne Gurba is a name that goes around in every trade. Even if you’ve never met her, you know who she is. Her instagram is literally “the rod daughter” LoL. I don’t think she’s talking about welding rods either. How anyone can stick their d1ck inside this street dumpster is beyond me. A woman like this is everything that should be flushed down the toilet. Just a used up condom who looks like she ages 3 years every year. You name it she’s done it. Orgies. Threesomes. Hard drugs. Alcohol. DUIs. Theft. Assault. Blowing guys on the jobsite and and sleeping with superintendents in camp. She doesn’t even care if she contracts DRD. She’s had so many before one can only imagine how rank that meat curtsin is. There is literally nothing this nasty little kleenex won’t do. Layne Gurba everyone.