Dominique Pitts — Trash Baby Momma Don’t Get Mixed Up With. Lmfao when you finally head home to your son and your babymoma finds out calls the cops on your for getting water spilt on her over a year ago lmfao really doesn’t want her baby daddy I Eli’s life did everything possible for a whole year plus call the cops lmfao greasy pig everything I said up to this point was 100% true lmfao and now it’s been proven good job showing the world your are nothing but a trash Canto Eli As I told you Eli is the judge not you and this is what I was talking about your greasy pig have Fun going threw life lmfao no one wants to be with somebody that iidt calls the cops over spilt water and keeps the child away from the baby dad for no reason I never missed a payment or appointment and the only reason I was still put here was to work for you lmfao I made it home while I Had Warrant for my arrest and signed my kids birth certificate You made sure a good dad could jot be in his son s life lmfao you are the definition of greasy pig, you are the definition of useless human, your mom is trash she raised you like this you dad had no influence in your life and that’s why your such a piece of sh1t I had both parents raise I was raised well and proper thats why I have a good head onn my shoulders a super Genius ? anyway gookng to keep these rolling on the dirty now that I’m settled into my new place Eli’s going to know his mom was a piece of sh1t and is a piece of sh1t.