TheWrongDoer_Editor :Dominique Sacobie Beastly Drunk With Sh*T Stains. So I met this “girl”?? Dominique Sacobie On a dating site… she seemed like a nice person and we chatted for a while so one night I decided to have her over for dinner and drinks .. well what showed up was completely different then what I had expected.. I mean I have nothing against a large women but atleast be honest… so any way she started mooching a bunch of alcohol off me just drinking from the bottle then she started demanding money … I was almost embarrassed for her she was completely bombed. since it was my day off I decided to make the most of it, the next thing I know she took off her clothes and she was nasty as f*** like Shrek in a bikini… I then I could smell something horrible and I look and she was taking off her underwear and they were s*it stained … I’m pretty sure she sh*t her pants!!! Men beware of this beast!!