TheWrongDoer_Editor : Dr Grant Hubsher Is Disgusting Woman And Drug Abuser. Boy oh boy do I have a story for you. Not only has he assaulted, raped, drugged, abused 5 women but he’s also an ex bachelorette contestant, an emergency room doctor, on TLC’s show smothered, and currently rebounding with a Brazilian influencer who has 15 million followers. This guy is a complete joke and has been desperate for fame his whole life. He is basically blacklisted from all NYC/Miami spots as people start to find out about his scumbag ways so he recently fled to Brazil to take advantage of an instagram model who barely speaks English – poor girl! STEER CLEAR!!! He is also known to take drugs and bumps from literally anyone of god knows what! Total con artist, sociopath, and a degenerate addict. Zero regard for any life other than his own (and he hardly has that)… Should not be a doctor!!!!