Eddie Rowell — Warning Eddie Rowell Is A Liar Opportunist. Eddie says he takes care of everyone but after spending the past year dating him I doubt anything he told me was true. He was avoidant most of the time then just pop up like everything was cool. He is super skinny and he says it’s because he is depressed and works so much but don’t loan him money. He borrowed money from me the last month we dated and when I reached out when I needed it back he ignored most of my messages sticking to the script of needing me and loving me bs. He said he would pay it back in six weeks and blocked me. After a few weeks of being ghosted, I requested the money thru cash app. The man waited until the day he said he would pay it to decline my request. Petty. He works at Tesla in Sparks. Be warned he is charming and will take advantage no matter how close you are.