Erin Heath – Succubus Slore Of Calgary. This fuking sly b1tch is a predatory floozy. She will try to get with anyone and everyone she can get her claws into and give them what ever they want for a price. It’s been said the only reason she has the job she does is because she sleeps with the CEO on the regular and in return, he gives her “bonuses”. As long as she doesn’t forget her special bib. I guess [REDACTED] really did get everybody. FYI it’s $350 an hour. It’s been said she tries to involve her neighbours. As a marketing expert, she can easily sway the opinions and thoughts of others. Believe what you want, I have very little to gain by posting the truth. Just a heads up to those on 20th Street. Wives and girlfriends, keep your eyes peeled. There’s no shame in her game. I’ll give her that, she’s very discreet and comes off as a very nice, professional, courteous woman but the devil comes wearing a mask you see. And if you dance with the devil long enough, she will step on your feet. Hopefully this post will give you the warning needed to just not take that dance at all. Beware, that’s all I can say. Don’t fall victim to this succubus. This b1tch could win a Grammy in manipulation.