Eve Kanyo, Toronto Prostitute. Hey, submitting a tip about wannabe actress and clout chasing s**t Eve Kanyo. She briefly dated Logan pauls assistant David trying to get some clout (when Logan wouldn’t look twice at her) but he dropped her once he found out she was a prostitute, and went after her much better looking enemy(a girl named paige.) She’s been prostituting herself in Miami but had to run away to Mexico because no one would touch her anymore. Comes from a white trash, dirt poor family out in Niagara Falls, so makes sense that she turned to escorting, but now she cant keep a friend or a man. Post this so guys and girls know to stay away from her, she’s had chlamydia at least twice and is known to lie and sell herself/her friends out to get what she wants. Average looking girl to begin with, tried to make herself interesting but ended up just deranged and diseased.
Attached is a pic, and then a screenshot of what she actually looks like.