Faira Maclean Taylor — Lire, User, Cheater, Alcoholic, Pepsi Head – Stay Clear! Faira comes across as a sweet innocent woman at first. She will play the I’m in love with you early on and only for a single purpose. To get what she wants out of you. She will take your money, and manipulate you with sex to get it. She is an abusive drunk both mentally and physically. And when she is with you be sure that she is not being loyal to you. She will most definitely have several other John’s on the go and when she is drunk and confrontational she will run to another dude and claim that she is a victim. However this is her con. She used it on several others in the past especially when she is in the spotlight. As all alcoholic narcissist act she will deflect any wrong doing on to you and make up a big story so that she looks innocent. Luckily the police were wise enough to see through all of her lies. I was lucky, others in the past were not so fortunate. She might be good looking on the outside but on the inside she is a disgusting person.