Falicia Chima — Fake A55 B1tch Loves To Steal. So this b1tch be fake asf stay away from her most ppl already dont like her so she had to move from montreal to ottawa used to be this mental cases friend possibly only friend despite warnings from everyone shes not to be trusted but i didnt see it almost a year now we hang out everyweek . She decides she wants to move to ottawa n would be seeing eachother alot less from there she offers to stay at my house for the last night in montreal everything went well from what i can tell i woke up went in shower came out shower she was gone thought nothing of it maybe inna rush after awile i search my stuff money is missing almost 6000$ imagin that nobody likes you everyone says you a shit whole person me still her friend a year goes by she robs her only friend and runs out the city warning for anyone thinking she a good person deep down in her lil brain she is plotting to rob you when you least expect it dont let her in your house this b1tch a big time thief dont matter how long yall know eachother she will steal from you other ppl say the same.