Falicia Chima Post ” You’re Man” And Get A Life. I’m not one to address rumours but since the [email protected] decided to put my family name up here with all this outlandish bullish, I have to. It is not my fault you’re man is still messages me 3 years after I moved out of Montreal. (I moved to Ottawa in 2019. The post was put up 2021???? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. It’s not my fault your man lies to you when you find female names in his recents but no chat history. I can’t delete things from his phone, only he can. He hit me up right because Valentine’s Day, I told him to beat it. YOUR PARTNER IS NOT GETTABLE UNLESS THEIR INTERESTED. Woman going after other woman for what their men do, will always be dumb to me. Post him on this site. Or post the other bitches he stays messing with. B.C. isn’t anyone’s man. He’s “community property” and if you think your his only chick, message me and I’ll show you to really hurt someone’s feelings. My girls stay fuking with him. I got facts and receipts to prove all this shit that was posted is made- and not factual at all. I don’t talk down on anyone, no matter the situation so just message me if you want the facts sweetie. Keep my family name out of your dusty mouth, please and thank you.