Gabrielle Nogue Fraud Identity Theft. Gabrielle Nogue used to work as a masseuse at [REDACTED], giving full body rubs and hand jobs for 80$ . I used to know her from that place , she would steal the girls ids when they go with a client and use their info to apply for loans and credit cards. She also sold all inclusive trips and plane tickets at a discount. I bought a full package at s little over 3000$ . I packed my bag went to the airport once there they called the cops and security on me, they let me go because i gave them Gabrielle Nogue info but i never saw my money again. I contacted her to ask for my money back, she blocked me. I contacted her sister Jennifer Nogue that you may know from OD. She blocked me too. Moral of the story dont trust a b1tch with a face full of botox and nothing to her name. She only needs your date of birth and home address to steal your identity. Beware.