Garrett Clyne Beware Of The Dirty, Cheap, Narcissistic Fraud. Garrett Clyne is a lying, cheating fraud in personal and professional environments. He lies about his experience to make himself appear as a professional when in reality he’s just a lying, broke fraud that has never set a foot in work environments that he claims. He’s been spotted in Toronto with multiple floozys who have expressed that his small d1ck is the reason why he can’t get an actual girlfriend without having to pay. He’s a mentally unstable psychopath that uses mushrooms and other illegal drugs regularly to cope with his past demons and depression. Every opportunity he gets to speak ill of his only friend and business partner Elliott he does to try to get him down on his level. He has no identity and is an absolute scum that’s in pile of debt in reality. Don’t trust this narcissist because he doesn’t know how to speak without lying. His own family disowned him for all his lies. Save your breath and stay away.