Gene Johnson New Mexico. GENE JOHNSON NEW MEXICO and I met in college in 2007, and he manipulated me and lied to me for two years! = ( Gene Johnson and I met the Summer of 2007 my summer after I got out of high school and we started dating. A few months later in Thanksgiving of 2007, Gene called me up and dumped me saying he did not want commitment. Six months later in 2008, Gene called me and wed started dating a SECOND time and then Gene Dumped me! = ( Later in 2008, Gene called me a THIRD time and we were in a Relationship for a third time but by this time, Gene was already going back and forth between me and His NEW girlfriend who he also Dumped Sherri Brown!!!! = ( During this time, Gene invited me over to his place and he shared with me about his sex life!!!!!!! = O Talking about Sherri Gene Explained ” Sherri was pretty sexxuall she did whatever I wanted her to in bed. ” Gene also said, ” Sometimes Sherri and I would make porno films . ” Sharing her finest asset, Gene JOHNSON also told me about his new girlfriend , ” Sherri is Bisexual so we had a Threesome” Then Gene JOHNSON Dumped me for the THIRD time. Gene’s life was also spinning out of control because he was addicted to prescription medication, smoked CRKKKK, and Gene Johnson also drnk a Fifth of Vodka per day! = ( Gene Johnson NEW MEXICO had some unrealistic limits about his sex life. Gene Would BEG me to have sex with him five times a day, and if I did not he would go to the Strip Club a month later and get a lapdance. A year later I late in 2008, Gene Johnson NEW Mexico called me AGAIN and he was my boyfriend for the FOURTH time. Gene Johnson and I dated briefly again , and then his sister told me he went to rehab! = (