Geoffrey G Snider Snake In Disguise. Started dating him a year after my husband died. He moved in very very easily into my husband’s house, vehicle, and even wore my husband’s underwear! Not that much longer he got arrested and fired from his job. As the time went on he refused to get a job or work at anything legal what so ever, but was ready to participate in any of the shady sh1t. Cheated with anything with that had a hole between their legs. All at my expense. In my vehicles. In five years he worked 7 days. He talks a big game about all the buildings and hotels he built, blah blah blah. He beat me up several times, i got an ambulance ride the last time. He pawned my wedding rings, my husband’s wedding rings, all my husbands watches, my dirt bike, just to mention a few things, all for his meth habit. He entertained nasty h0es like a king. Without my permission he took two of trucks to run to his babies mama side and both got impounded and lost. Everything he has that h e calls his own is stolen from someone else. He beat up his babies mama, he beat me up, he beat up his son and even closed fist punched the dog we had. He is the biggest narcissist I’ve ever met. He made sure I lost everything and was homeless, and every cent was spent before he tucked tail and left. To his next victim. He can talk you into anything, he’s very convincing and doesn’t take “no” as an answer. He’s a mean terrible person that lies and steals on a daily basis. BEWARE PEOPLE