Giuliana Ava Rizzotti Aka Giulianaavafit-Racist Black Athlete Groupie.

Giuliana Rizzotti aka Giulianaavafit has one bag to secure in life: show her ass on the gram, try to land a black NFL star looking for a trophy girl, get dumped, rinse and repeat. She can barely sell her sh1tty workout plans & gear so she moonlights for $40 per lesson at [REDACTED] in Cliffside Park, NJ. Her entire lavish life in Atlanta, LA, Miami, is paid for by at least 6 different NFL players over the last few years. What’s even more sad about this basic Long Island Sicilian chick speaking ebonics and being a culture vulture-she was actually caught being RACIST on her twitter account! She casually used the N word and tweeted “I hate black people”. She gave some half a55ed cheeky apology after it, then she literally told a chick on her instagram that she’d ash a blunt on her forehead. DK Metcalf is going to drop her like the running back from Atlanta did and the linebacker from Chicago. She’s gonna be 26 real soon and no up and coming athlete wants to get involved with an older white trash narcissist like her. She still got hella booty so she’ll keep getting passed around the NFL-maybe in a year or two she’ll do the retired players circuit.