Glen Vandale Walking DRD Loving Narcissist. Well this guy has been living on the streets for 10 years maybe more. He is into down, and meth and alcohol. He uses women for his addiction and mentally physically and emotionally abuses them til he gets what he needs from them. He lies about everything including his disease and spreads it to all the skidrow addicts who knows who else. I dont think this guy should be allowed to walk the streets cus he is careless about other ppl. He doesn’t tell the girls he’s sleeping with about his disease. Its curable yes but it’s not your decision to make glen. He enjoys threatening ppl and gets a kick out of ruining peoples life. He’s so much in denial he will try and flip sh1t to make the other person look bad rather thrn facing his sh1t. So ladies be careful. Hes heartless, cold,very jealous and bitter. Beaware.