Gracie N Davis Looked For A Daddy & A Husband All In One. Meet Gracie N Davis. Unfortunately, her daddy spent most of her life in jail, so she has some daddy issues. She found someone who once was an upstanding man with integrity, a married man. He taught her everything she knows about sales and then, suddenly, she forgot everything she learned and needed this married man’s undivided attention. Also, unfortunately, this man’s wife got diagnosed with cancer. Sadly for Grace the Homewrecker, his wife survived. That’s when Homewrecker Grace thought it would be appropriate to treat his wife like total garbage, which caused fights in the marriage. The wife kept warning her husband that the Homewrecker was crossing boundaries into their marriage. Finally, the husband tried to put up some boundaries with the Homewrecker (e.g. letting his wife block her on his social media sites, etc), but the next day, the Homewrecker turned in her two-week notice to the business-owning husband who was also her boss. So, he talked her into staying on board. She continued to cross healthy boundaries into their marriage, which led to continued arguments between the wife and husband. The poor wife who had survived cancer used all of the little energy she had to find out what the two of them were up to. She caught them out for dinner more than a dozen times, she caught them out for walks during non-working hours, she found his vehicle at the homewrecker’s house on several occasions (sometimes late at night), and she found almost a year’s worth of phone bills with them talking on the phone almost every night for up to three hours a night. The wife confronted the Homewrecker on multiple occasions, but she continued to engage with the husband. He allowed for the Homewrecker, who’s 16 years younger than him, to take over his life. Ultimately, the wife signed the joke-of-husband’s divorce papers so that she could avoid the nearly 3/4-million dollars worth of debt that he created between his business and his personal debt. The divorce has been final for a little over a month. The Homewrecker and the former husband enjoyed their first vacation together alone in Virginia Beach, Virginia. That’s where she’s from originally. Maybe it was so they could go to the jail and he could ask her dad for her hand in Homewrecker of the Year?? Meanwhile, he lied to all of his employees and independent contractors by telling them that he was going to visit other business owners in his region. He has no one in his region in Virginia Beach. Also, the Homewrecker allegedly sprained her ankle at the same time and he told everyone that she’d be out of the office for two weeks. What a coincidence!! We found out that the Homewrecker was with him by calling her neighbor and asking if she was okay. He told us that she was away on a business trip. The Homewrecker’s mission has been accomplished. But, what a sorry life she lives. She’s now in a relationship where she needs to be kept a secret and time spent with her needs to be lied about. What a pitiful life to live. The husband allowed it to happen and his wife (at the time) saw it happening before her very eyes. He didn’t like that she was calling him out on his BS. We applaud her for standing up for what’s right. This BS relationship will never last because it wasn’t built on a solid foundation. This joke-of-a-husband threw away a classy wife with a classy family for this Homewrecking piece of trailer trash. She is a manipulative, uneducated disgrace. Her name should have been Disgrace because she definitely is one.