Hakeem Dawodu. This man is fuking disgusting and he fuking lies out of his teeth. Don’t buy any of his bullsh1t. Being a UFC fighter does not absolve him from being a sh1t human being he is a smelly gross mother fuker. He is not single he has a secret girlfriend that he does not talk about. He also will lie if you sleep with him about being tested. If you ask him about if he got tested from DRDs he will lie and say he got tested for his job ‘last week’ which is a lie because he actively has and is giving out DRDs. He will deny it and lie about all aspects of his life to avoid taking any responsibility. He will also hide like a b1tch and block you if you call him out for anything and call you a racist if you just try to make him take responsibility for what he’s done, when race has nothing to do with it. Just grasping at straws to try to keep his nasty clam d1ck up. Gross. Avoid at ALL costs!!!