Hayley Jenkins Watch Out For This Scamming H0e. Hayley Jenkins claims to be all about women empowerment through her low budget fitness “studio” if you can call it that, but spends more of her time with married men. Allegedly this isn’t the first time Hayley has been caught with a married man. After she found out Oklahoma based Lance Sconyers was in fact married she still did not seem to care and continued to go after him. She claims she would never date a married man but I guess the definition of hanging out with him every weekend and sleeping with him as he tells his wife he was off working doesn’t constitute as “dating” to her. But she got her wish and because of her ended a marriage. Watch out Dallas this phony is not only a catfish with her looks (doesn’t know how to take a picture without a filter) but also her supposed 100k Instagram followers. You would think with that many followers she would have more than bots commenting and only a few likes per thirst trap photos. Don’t be fooled she doesn’t look like that in person. Also stay away from her “pills” she says is a probiotic is actually only a laxative so be warned.