Hii Cassie, A.K.A Cassandra Castor. Where do I even start… Ok well this girl is probably one of the worst people I ever met and that says a lot considering the emount of people I know. Anyways this girl is a patholigical liar who will do and say whatever to get with WHOMEVER she wants. She has no regard for other peoples feelings and I legit mean she’s a sh1tty person. She will sleep with random guys from Midway and parties cuz she doesn’t care. She’s always out partying instead of watching her kids, she gets her DAD to watch her kids so she can go out and get fuked up. U can literally find her at Midway almost every weekend so watch out or she might give u an std. She never uses condoms and she smells bad, and I luterally mean BO bad. She will fuk your boyfriend, friends, brothers, sisters, maybe your whole family if she gets lucky. She will cheat on you and lie about it to your face. She likes to act two-faced and walk around like it’s normal. She likes to pkay both sides, she was talking sh1t about her bestfriend to my face and then tried to go tell her bestfriend that I was the one talkung sh1t. Makes no sense if u ask me. She talks sh1t about everyone but in realuty she’s jyst a garbage person. She’s not relationship material either, she will cheat on you with pretty much anyone cuz she’s desperate asf. She will try make u feel like complete sh1t and then play the victim card. She’s definitely the reverse psychology type so watch out cuz she will play mind games with u like it’s a hobby. I went to a party with her and we were dating for a short while, anyways her cousin and friends tried to fuk me and makeout with me behind her back while she was either using the washroom or sitting in the bedroom chatting with our friend. I rejected them obviously and they tried to get mad and talk sh1t about Cassie so I would change my mind about her. They told me she’s very toxic and not a person I should be dating cuz she sleeos around a lot. That probably shoulda been my first red flag and the fact that she’s a total whale. Everyone she surrounds herself with are fake because in reality she’s the fakest of them all. You are who u surround yourself with. She likes to do 5 different drugs at the same time while drinking, she’s definitely got sum brain damage cuz she’s not mentally stable. She will call u at 3am on the phone crying about being stranded at sum party or will try makeup a sob story to get you to go pick her up cuz she’s too broke to call an Uber. I literally had her callung me 5 times in one night, it’s extremly annoying andif u don’t pickup the phone she will go into psychotic mode. I’m talking about stalker type level. I had her blocked on all my social medias and she heard from our mutaul friend that I was at a oarty and literally followed me there. It was weurd asf cuz she walked in with her friends and then tried to c0ck-block me from talking to another girl, even tho we weren’t even together. And when I say she’s not right in the head, I literally mean she’s not. Yall gotta watch out for the girl cuz she’s one of the biggest and fakest slores in Edmonton that I ever met. She is a walking drd who can’t get a clue or shower.