Howard Smaldon Beware This Nut Job. Where to start. Hes a complete nut job. Big time narcissistic. Bi-polar. He passes around DRDs like theres no 2morrow. He thinks of himself like such a ladies man but really, who wud be into that? He is just a bum. No life, no home, nothing. He was collecting welfare for years, being a hussler, giving out bj’s and handjobs in his truck at the [REDACTED] parking lot on 22nd. He thought he was “livin big” collecting CERB and welfare at the same time. He begs $$ off his old man. Now he’s doing deliveries for ppl around saskatoon. Probably exchanging drugs and DRDs for moving and throwing stuff out haha He keeps saying he caught DRDs from some itch lynn. Who knows. What is definitely known though is go to timmies on 22nd. You’ll find him in his truck. Promise. Cheers!