Howard Smaldon — Liar, Cheating Hussler. Biggest mistake ne1 will ever make is talking 2 this guy! He claims hes such a great guy and hes really nice. But nothing can b further from the truth. Howard likes to b… how can we say it… likes 2 b a verbal bully. Big time! He has no issues calling u down, threatenin u, pretendin 2 b a bunch of different ppl, txtin from many diffrnt fake numbers, spinning so many lies he doesnt remember wat he said. He doesnt have a job so has no issues stalking you out. How does he “make money”? He lies his way through 2 staying on welfare. How? No idea! He collected CERB as many times as he could while collecting gov’t checks. Hes forever calling his old man to “borrow money”. He works under the table for places, hes a hussler. Hes been known to sit at tim’s on 22nd, offering out hand jobs and bj’s. U will usually find him there early, early mornings. But all the cash he gets he blows it on the drugs. Not talkin about green flowers either. Im talkin the real dealz stuff. Why u think he missin his teeth? Why u think he so skinny? Once he “latches” on 2 u ur stuck with him. He just doesnt know how 2 treat women with any respect. Doesnt matter what u say or do. U r expected 2 give ur time 2 him 24-7. If u dont ut just a whoore and sloot. Dont share your pictures with him because he’ll use them against u no matter what. Ladies be careful with this one.