I Was Scammed. Played, And Abused By Cheyenne Lutek, Trevor Dutch Shapiro, And Johanna Qvist. My name is Penny Shumaker, I hired Trevor Dutch Shapiro as an floozy via Cheyenne Lutek. Cheyenne and I did a consultation via her floozy service [REDACTED]. I told her my deepest fantasy as a voyeur. I get sexual pleasure watching other’s having sex. She explained he would come to my apartment with a woman named Johanna who would be dressed as a nurse and the two would have sex in front of me for $2000 payment to Cheyenne direct. We made the deal and they showed up as discussed. They seemed very pleasant at first. The night started to take a turn for the worst Johanna got very upset and they got into a huge fight. The vibe was extremely negative, and I had already paid Cheyenne the money. I told Cheyenne it was not a good experience for me since the couple behaved so badly. Cheyenne explained no refunds. She is a scammer, do not work with these people. They also stole money and jewelry I later realized. It was an awful experience. When I googled them later, I saw several criminal charges. Cheyenne Lutek and Trevor Dutch are professional scammers. Johanna [REDACTED].