Infidelity Investigations. We Provide Infidelity Investigations we will get you there:

* Social Media Passwords
* Email Account Passwords
* GPS Tracking
* Clone There Cellphone in (REALTIME)
* Video Surveillance

And to Top It Off we have REVENGE Services
Treat yourself to a little payback, believe me, you will feel alot better!


Free No Obligation Consultation

✔ Revenge against an EX

Is your ex an absolute ahole ? Did they cheat ?. Give you a social disease ? Cause you pain ? embarrassment ?, Or just plain heartache ? Well revenge is a Bi#ch. Although one of our lower priced packages, this little baby has teeth! We can make sure that their many character flaws will not go unnoticed. By that we mean by the people who matter to them. Parents, Friends, Classmates, Coworkers. Everyone in their circle will know all of their dirty little secrets, and anyone who is thinking of dating them will suddenly be having second thoughts!

✔ Relationship Breaker

Did someone steal the love of your life ?. Want to steal them back ?. It is very possible with the right amount of preparation and information.

Many people make bad decisions in their lives regarding relationships and just need to be shown that the grass is not always greener. Using background investigations, online investigations, and our special creativity we can assist you in regaining the love you lost and slamming the home wrecker who stole him/her.

We provide a gauntlet which would test the resolve of the strongest couple.

✔ Boss Breaker

By far one of our most satisfying packages, and our easiest to find positive resolution for our clients with. Some employers seem to be of the misguided belief that they can treat their workers any way they choose. Yelling, screaming, pushing, insults, etc. Some try to get you fired for no good reason, otherrs steal credit for your work. These “special people” require a bit of their own medicine, and we serve it by the gallon. With this package it would be a miracle for them to remain in their field let alone at their present profession.​

✔ Goatfucker Web design Package

Did you ever know someone who was an absolute GoatF*@ker ?
We can create a website which shows the whole world what an absolute Goat B****r this person is. It doesn’t have to be a goat of course, could be a gerbil, dog, mouse, hippo, pig or any combination which you can imagine. All websites are untraceable and cannot be traced to you or remove

✔ SAR Sexual Assault/Harassment Revenge

We started this package due to many women purchasing our Reputation Shredder package who had been victims of sexual violence. Our package investigates individuals who have been accused of Sexual assault while working with our clients to determine the best way to either expose or take direct action against them for their past activities. We have a very motivated female staff who work these cases.

✔ Reputation Shredder

Do know a person who delights in poisoning the lives of everyone around them while pretending to be above reproach to everyone. Do you know something that no one else knows and cannot make it known for fear of discovery ? We can assist you in creating a situation which exposes them to the cruel light of public perception with all of their lies and secrets exposed.

✔ Eviscerator

Unlike other packages which focus on many different areas, the Eviscerator focuses on one aspect of a subjects life for destruction. This can be personal, professional, religious, etc. Any single aspect a client would like dismantled is our pleasure to assist in the planning of. While doing so we ruthlessly tear apart the subjects at the instruction of our clients. This is a package for our more thoughtful clients, who know exactly how they want the subjects of the operations affected.

✔ Total Annihilation

Our most powerful package.

When you care enough to send the very, very best! Total Annihilation We structure an elite team of operators in each of the required disciplines. Computer science, advertising, investigations, Ethical hacking, surveillance, web design and of course our own operations manager who specializes in bringing to the operations the needed “sharp knife” creativity that is needed in cases like this. “May g*d have mercy on the soul of our enemy, for no one else will…”