Jackson Gates — Dirt Bag Wished His Moms Death- He’s Got His Wish. We all know his name, Jackson Gates. Dirt bag who wished his moms death and now, he’s got his wish. On Facebook he’s got into this “feel sorry for me” and posting how he misses her. How he loves her as when she was a live, how she was a floozy crackhead and all the ill it talked about her. It’s also going on in how all his ex’s abused him, physically and mentally. Everyone doing him wrong. Everyone is at fault but himself. Harassing and tormenting people who wish not to associate with this waste. Many know otherwise, you blaming everyone but yourself. Refusing to knowledge that its a shety person who brags on his paralegal and goes on about how he’s a great advocate. He ain’t no advocate for anyone. For all I’m concern, you can have a certificate of anything but that does not make you a good human being and you are proof of that, as you are a waste of skin. Even his alphabet community hates him. According to his own post his mom hated him too! Stop with those Facebook post of your mom. You have always trashed her, we have all read it and have not forgotten. He denies it as he tries to manipulate me on grindr. Telling me Stevie his sister killed her mother. Remember Jackson wished his mother dead. She’s dead and all of a sudden,  he loves her, misses her and wishes she was here. The alcohol is getting to this thing. He should do a challenge. A challenge in drinking 24 bottles of vodka.